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WorldAtlantus is the leading virtual phone system that assists in increasing agent productivity, automating workflows, tracking team performance, and reducing communication costs

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Technology that can exponentially increase your completed calls

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CC2 Is the Technology That Powers WorldAtlantus

Regular Phone System
PBX technology No uptime guarantee Single global server Single telephony network improper outbound cLI
CC2 Phone System
Multiple PBX Technology 99.9% uptime guarantee 7+telephony network 5+global server Guaranteed CLI in 70+Countries

Transform Your Sales Process & Customer Experiences

Utilize WorldAtlantus to oversee and manage your business operations all in one centralized location..

For Sales Teams

Enhance sales agents’ efficiency and boost conversion rates. Utilize advanced features to strengthen your brand presence and increase revenue.

For Support Teams

Deliver exceptional customer experiences by resolving inquiries swiftly. Use Smart Call Forwarding to maintain constant connectivity.

For Call Centers/BPO

Elevate your operations and reach more potential customers with IVR. Stay available 24/7 with our powerful features.

Set Up Your Phone System In Less Than 3 Minutes

Setting up your virtual phone system is a breeze—from purchasing a number to making that first call, it only takes 3 minutes.

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WorldAtlantus went an extra mile and suggested a perfect solution. As of now, all of our numbers are clean and have the highest attestation score.

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