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Configuring Vicidial has traditionally been challenging for administrators, but with Vicibox V2.0's new admin web interface, setting up your inbound and outbound campaigns is now simple and straightforward, requiring just a few clicks.

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Allow your agents to work remotely around the globe.

New About Vicibox V2.0 ?

Vicibox V2.0 introduces a user-friendly web interface for Admins and Agents, packed with an array of rich features including Interactive Reporting, Real-time Dashboard, and a Centralized Management System. With Vicibox V2.0, configuring your inbound and outbound campaigns, lists, users, phones, and remote agents is now a breeze, requiring just a few clicks. The Interactive Reporting feature provides a comprehensive overview of all campaigns and agents, giving you valuable insights at a glance.

Cluster Vicidial Servers !

If your team comprises more than 30 agents, implementing clusters becomes essential, and Advancefone's VICIdial cluster solution stands out as the optimal choice.

What is Vicibox Center ?

The latest release of Vicibox, version 2.0, presents a comprehensive call center solution equipped with an intuitive admin/agent web interface. It encompasses a wide array of features including inbound ACD, outbound predictive dialing, customizable IVRs, skill-based agent routing, voicemail functionality, complete call recording, PBX capabilities, and more. Vicibox is renowned as one of the most favored contact center solutions, offering agent screens in 16 languages with the flexibility to create custom translations. Its versatility is demonstrated by its implementation across call centers ranging from 5 to 500 agents, managing over a million calls daily in larger setups. Additionally, Vicibox serves not only as a dialer but also as an ACD for handling inbound and closer calls from Vicidial outbound fronters. Moreover, it facilitates the integration of remote agents from various locations, including those with limited access only via phone.

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